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Zooqle is a popular torrent site for downloading Pagetechcrunch and sharing files. The site offers a vast library of free torrent files and has a huge fan following. However, Zooqle has become a big problem in many countries because of piracy. Consequently, it has been banned in certain regions. Therefore, the users have to find alternatives to Zooqle. Here are some of the best Zooqle alternatives:

– Kick-Ass Torrents: This is one of the most reliable Zooqle alternatives. It has a user-friendly interface and a complete selection of torrent files. Moreover, it has a search option that allows the user to download almost any category of torrent. You don’t even have to register in order to download

– Magnet DL: This site provides direct links for video content. In addition, it has a minimalistic, yet user-friendly interface. To use Magnet DL, you just need a desktop BitTorrent client.

– Lime Torrents: Another great alternative is Lime Torrents. They have a user-friendly interface and a huge database of magnet links. Although they have limited bandwidth, you can still download almost any type of torrent.

– The Pirate Bay: If you want to download movies or TV shows, then you should try The Pirate Bay. Their collection is quite large and they provide videos in both HD and standard formats. Plus, they are updated with the latest trends

– BTDigg: This is another good Zooqle alternative. Like Lime, it has a simple interface that lets you download and upload files. But it doesn’t have a complete collection of torrents like Lime.

– Google Translate: If your country has been affected by the ban of a particular website, you can use Google Translate to bypass it. You can also use a proxy website to access the original site.

– ISO Hunt: This is a newer name in the industry. They offer 4.5 million records and copyrighted media. Furthermore, their speed is much faster than numerous torrenting destinations.

– CyberGhostVPN: These types of VPNs will keep your identity safe while you are browsing websites. Also, they will help you bypass any sites that are blocked by your ISP. Moreover, they allow you to connect to a remote server to boost your download speed

– Linux Tracker: Another option is Linux Tracker, a premier linuxvBitTorrent-based torrent search engine. This site has a homepage with a list of popular Torrent downloads. As you browse through the pages, you will see a graph that gives you an idea of which files are currently being downloaded.

– Torrents: If you are looking for a Zooqle alternative, you should look for a torrenting website that has a good selection of quality Torrents. You will also have the option to contribute to the zooqle torrent list.

– Lime Torrents: The search engine of Lime is user-friendly, although it is limited to limited bandwidth. Moreover, it has a problem with its DNS server.

– ISO Hunt: If you don’t want to register in any site, you can try using the Internet Archive. Unlike Lime, the interface of the site is similar to Zooqle’s. When you click on a movie title, you will be redirected to its page where you can see a screenshot.


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