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Immuta, a startup that specializes in cloud compliance and governance, has laws4life raised $90 million in Series D funding. The company has now raised $169 million in total funding, and plans to use the money to expand its market and improve its product. The company also plans to focus on data security. Sixty-four percent of brains believe that compliance requirements can protect data.

Immuta raises $90 million in Series D funding

Immuta, a cloud data lawyerdesk governance startup, recently raised $90 million in Series D funding. Its new funding will help the company expand its sales and R&D operations as well as strengthen its strategic relationships. Its product, Immuta Data Management, automates data access across cloud infrastructure. The company grew its worldwide bookings by lawyersmagazine 115% last year and doubled its full-time headcount. It also plans to expand its global customer base.

Immuta offers an automated platform for data access control and privacy protection. The company says the new funding will help them meet the rising demand for its data access control platform. The new funding will also help the company expand its marketing and sales efforts. Immuta has also released a buyer’s guide to data management platforms that makes it easier to choose the right product for your use case. The guide includes a category overview and provider profiles.

Immuta aims to help businesses protect sensitive data. Its platform automates data discovery and makes it possible to manage access control, while also reducing the need to transfer data and manually anonymize it. Its platform also tracks data usage and creates reports that show who accessed data.

The company’s software empowers data engineers and scientists to apply policies across any data or cloud platform. With strategic partnerships with cloud data technology providers, Immuta provides a single workspace where data teams can automate data across their entire cloud infrastructure. Its software also works with data lakehouse systems such as Amazon Redshift and Snowflake, as well as BigQuery and Databricks SQL Analytics. This integration with these cloud data platforms has helped the company increase its market share.

It also raised $169 million in Series D funding

Immuta, one of the leading startups in cloud compliance and governance, has raised $90 million in Series D funding. Immuta has now raised $169 million in total, including this latest round. It plans to use the money to expand its customer base and develop its product further. Its products include data management dashboards and cloud access control. The startup has seen more than 100 per cent growth in recent years and is now looking to use this funding to build on its market position and product.

Immuta is an enterprise-grade cloud data access control platform that enables organizations to automate privacy, compliance, and access control. With this Series D funding, the company is aiming to build on publiclawtoday its success by meeting the growing demand for centralized access control across cloud platforms. The company has raised a total of $169 million to date, including new funding as well as participation from existing investors.

Immuta’s Series D funding has come at a critical time for the company. The startup is aiming to expand its customer base and add more employees. With a record amount of money coming in, Immuta has the potential to become one of the biggest companies in the data management space.

Immuta, which started in 2015, has become a market leader in its niche of cloud data management. The company has a global customer base. It also has partnerships with leading cloud data technology providers. Its customers include large companies that want to scale their centralized data operations and innovative technology companies looking to build data-driven applications.


Immuta is a cloud-native data governance platform that automates data access control, privacy, and compliance. The company has recently raised $169 million, which it plans to use to grow the company’s customer base and expand its workforce. Immuta has been growing at over 100 percent over the last two years, and the new funding will allow it to further develop its products and services.

Immuta was founded in 2015, at a time when the big data management space was just beginning to emerge as a viable market. There were very few cloud-based data management solutions, and hiring for data scientists and analysts was soaring as companies began to realize the value of data-driven insights. At the same time, DevOps was gaining traction, and data scientists and analysts were becoming an essential part of the workforce.

Immuta has been successful in addressing these problems by removing the complexity and time-consuming process of managing data access policies. Its automated approach makes it easy for organizations to gain access to data without sacrificing security. Immuta also helps them use the data responsibly and ethically. Since the use of data is so crucial to the health of organizations, it is critical to ensure its security and compliance. Despite bestlawyers360 this, organizations often struggle with managing data in a way that ensures data privacy and avoids fines.

Mike Schiller

Immuta is an innovator in cloud compliance and governance. The startup recently raised $90M in Series D funding. It has now raised $169 million in total funding. It plans to use the funding to expand its market and improve its product. It has raised over 100 per cent in growth in the past few years. It has attracted major players to invest in its product and talks about data security.

Steve Touw

Immuta is a cloud compliance and governance startup that just raised $90 million in its Series D round of funding. It has raised a total of $169 million to date and plans to use the money to expand the company’s customer base and improve its product. Its data security and compliance service is used by large firms around the world, but it’s also gaining attention from major investors.

Immuta was founded by Steve Touw, a data science entrepreneur with a background in the US intelligence community and special operations command. He is passionate about data and explores advanced privacy techniques for contact tracing and attribute-based access control.

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