What is a Zorb Ball?

A Zorb ball is a fun inflatable sphere that is played with by people who want to have a good time. In fact, these balls have become so popular that there are even websites that allow you to play zorb with other players. They also provide information about the history of the balls.

There are several different types of zorbs. Some of them are designed to be used freely, while others have straps to hold the occupants in place. Most of them are made of flexible plastic. They are often considered safe because of their design.

Most zorbs are double-layered. Their inner chamber is filled with air, while their outer chamber is inflated with a commercial blower. This helps keep the pressure within the inner ball constant. As a result, the air layer acts as a shock absorber for the occupants.


Zorbing is an activity that is based on a large inflatable ball that is filled with air. This ball can be ridden by two people at a time and can be used for many different purposes. These balls are also called orbs, zorbs, and hamster balls. 

The origins of zorbing are still not fully understood. Others say it is an invention that was developed to accommodate water. But the truth is that zorbing as a sport has a relatively short history. Initially, zorb balls were designed to be played on gentle slopes. However, they’ve since evolved into a terrifying amusement park ride.

While a buy zorb ball is a huge ball, it’s actually a smaller ball that has been wrapped in a larger one. Depending on which version you choose, the game can be played by up to four players at a time. Players wear protective gear and usually use their bodies to hit the ball.

In some cases, the zorb may be filled with water. During a water zorbing event, fans will place water inside the ball to keep it inflated.

Inflatable spheres

Zorbing is a sport where people ride on an inflatable sphere or a big inflated plastic ball, usually for fun. The Zorb is usually a water-based activity, but it can be used on land, as well. People can jump inside the Zorb, and then roll down a hill or walk across a water surface.

Zorbing is a form of sports that has gained popularity after appearing in popular movies and TV shows. These inflatable spheres can be used for a variety of events, including corporate team building, new product launches, and art projects.

While the spheres have been around for a while, their recent popularity has grown rapidly. Zorbing has appeared in many popular internet videos and is a hot new pastime on the scene. Today, zorbing parks are popping up all over the world. Besides offering a thrilling activity, zorbing can also bring in huge profits for those businesses who invest in them.

The first zorbs were made of rigid plastic, but they soon wore out and were replaced with a lighter and softer material. After that, more and more soft zorbs were developed. The zorb ball is a big inflated ball, with an average diameter of 3 meters. The ball is shaped like a ball, with an inner sphere and an outer sphere, each connected by nylon strings.

Zorbing can be played by adults and children of all ages. Most zorbs are waterproof, and are designed to accommodate one or two passengers. However, more specialized Zorbs can be used by multiple people at the same time. Depending on the type of Zorb, riders can choose to play bumper football, run down hills, or participate in a variety of other stunts.

Extreme zorbing

Nowadays, there are several types of zorbing. Some of these include harnessed zorbing, water zorbing, and non-harnessed zorbing.

Harnessed zorbing is a form of zorbing that has two or more riders strapped into the ball. This makes it easier for the riders to maneuver in and out of the sphere. However, it does not roll as fast as the other forms of zorbing. This version allows the rider to navigate the sphere without being attached to a harness. In addition, the sphere is more open than a harnessed sphere.

There are many types of zorbing and you can choose the one that suits you best. Most zorbs are inflated with a pump and the inflatable balls can be used for parties or for outdoor events.

Types of zorbing balls

Zorbing is an activity that can be done in a variety of different environments. The best part is that it is relatively safe.

There are several types of zorbing balls that are available for purchase. These range from the classic zorb ball to the inflatable water zorb ball. A classic zorb ball is a huge round ball that is filled with air. You can ride it up and downhill, or just sit and spin.

Another type of zorb is the bubble ball. This is a large, transparent ball that is inflated with air. Like the classic zorb, it has a diameter of about three meters. While this is not the largest zorb in the world, it is still quite large.

Aqua zorbing is similar to hydro zorbing. In this case, the ball is filled with water, and you walk on it. For a more extreme experience, you can even race against another person on an adjoining track.

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